PayPal Transaction ID Lookup

If you purchased the Sprig pattern you get $6.00 off of Botanical Knits 2! Read below for direction on how to redeem this $6 discount on either a print book (with free ebook) or on the ebook alone.

Unfortunately PayPal Transaction ID codes that PayPal sent Sprig buyers do not match the PayPal Transaction ID codes they sent to us. In order to get the Transaction ID that can be used for the $6 discount, enter the email address you used for purchasing Sprig. We will then immediately send you the PayPal Transaction ID to get $6.00 off of the print version of Botanical Knits 2 (which includes a free ebook version).

If you are interested in purchasing the ebook of Botanical Knits 2 by itself (not the printed version) you can go to the link below after you get your Transaction ID above and you will be given a Ravelry coupon code for $6 off of the ebook: