Ravelry Coupon Code for
Botanical Knits 2 ebook

If you purchased the Sprig pattern you get $6.00 off of Botanical Knits 2!

However, it seems that the PayPal Transaction ID codes that PayPal sent Sprig buyers do not match the PayPal Transaction ID codes they sent to us.

Please visit this page to get the proper Transaction ID:

And enter the email address you used for purchasing Sprig. We will then immediately send you the (corrrect) PayPal Transaction ID to get $6.00 off of Botanical Knits 2.

If you are buying the ebook of Botanical Knits 2 (not the printed version) enter the PayPal Transaction ID you received from following the instructions above, and we'll give you a Ravelry coupon for $6.00 off of the Botanical Knits 2 ebook.

To obtain your discounted ebook, you can go to:

Click on the "buy it now" button

Then click on the "use a coupon code" button and enter your code. We recommend to copy and paste the code into the coupon box.

Click "checkout now" it will add the discounted ebook to your Ravelry library.

We appreciate your patience and support!